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James Forsher, Ph.D

I have spent over three decades producing, writing, and directing documentaries and books focusing on the relationship between Hollywood and American popular culture. My programs have aired on the Discovery Channel, The Movie Channel, Cinemax, Arts & Entertainment Network and the Public Broadcasting System.


Several of my films have explored my primary research area; race, ethnicity and class. These include Japanese American Propaganda Wars (A & E) and Hollywood Chronicles: Stereotyp- ing (Discovery Channel). I’ve also written about race, ethnicity and class in my text The Com- munity of Cinema (Greenwood Press) (


In addition to a documentary production background, I have taught film and video production and film history at the college and university level for over two decades. In addition to two Ful- bright stays in Austria during 2015 and 2018, and a visiting professorship at the University of Vienna in 2019, I have held professorships at Temple University, Seattle University, Florida State University & CSU East Bay where I retired as a tenured Associate Professor & director of the media production program in 2007.


During my career, I created The Forsher Archive, a collection with over 5,000 film print and video titles ( This collection will be employed in support of the course offerings.

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